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THE  Vitalicious Project
Build your energy, boost memory and ditch brain fog... in an effective fast way with my step-by-step on-line training + 8 weeks of personal hands on coaching 

Ready to feel better, look better and maybe even sleep better?
What is 'The Vitalicious Project?'
An 8 week on-line on-demand program that will build vitality into your life
Follow my proven steps to ensure sustainable energy

Step-by-Step Training For Everyone + Me 
These are my exact processes that I have tested and proven with my own clients that will finally give you a clear map for developing your own health journey. 

A Method For Creating Your Life & Energy
Identify the crucial elements you need to include in your life for maximum success...and you have me helping you tweak the process. You're never alone!

A Click-by-Click On-Line Program Setting Up Your Life
Learn how to set up a way of living from beginning to end that doesn't take heaps of time and adds vitality, energy and improved memory
Build a Vitalicious Body, Mind & Life that includes the exact steps  Today… Without The Overwhelm!
In this new world of life and food we are bombarded with all the ideas of what we 'should' be doing and feeling that we just can't keep up.

It can feel impossible to run to work, or run a business, workout-out, meditate, eat mindfully AND still finding time for yourself and your family. 

You might also be feeling overwhelmed trying to find ways to stay on top of it all…

You’re not alone. 

With never-ending daily tasks and social media full of overwhelming images of perfert lives and health, how are you suppose to know how to make a healthy meal, let alone have creative ideas all the time? 

Fortunately, thanks to the Vitalicious Project you can finally stand out from the rest and start to build some real energy and vitality.

Not only can you start to get real results…

You can FULLY relax...

You can then sit back and know exactly what you can do!

And you have me every step of the way!

You don’t have to stay stuck wondering what your going to do today to feel better...

This sounds pretty great doesn’t it? 

But at this point you may be asking…where do I even start? 

The good news is that it’s actually easier than you think to get started, especially when you follow my proven system...

That’s Why I Created The Vitalicious Project + Personal Coaching
 This is my brand new plan to help you quickly make simple lasting changes without the overwhelm…

…and show you exactly how I use these steps in my own life and I'm with you every step of the way!

Most courses simply give you a list of things to do and you hope that it will work out okay.

Or worse…don’t give you the right tools to use to create what you'd like.

This is where The Vitalicious Project comes in.

Take my years of experience, and simple steps that have allowed me to build renewed energy without time and overwhelm.

And implement the same proven steps and tools into your life, to achieve results without the overwhelm and you have me in your corner along the way!

This brand new training covers everything you need to know to create a life with a more relaxed body and a calm mind and...

Simple steps that don't take tons of time. more scattered thoughts and a new sense of calm! 

And me along side helping you take each step 

Plus a facebook support group with other women, just like you!

What's Inside The Vitalicious Project?
8 Weeks of Simple Action Steps
8 weeks of 
1:1 Video Coaching Calls
6  Weeks of Simple Action Steps - in the online portal
  • ​Learn what foods build energy
  • ​My favourite strategies to boost memory
  • ​What you do to end hormonal symptoms and flares
  • ​The tools you need to build your health successfully, without breaking the bank
Step-by-Step Guide on How To Start Living a Vitalicous Life 
  • Follow click-by-click as I show you exactly how to build out your new energy, how to boost your memory and ditch the brain fog
  • ​My favourite tips and tricks for hassle life prep starting today
  • ​Lifetime access to the on-line materials!!  Yes...lifetime access!
Live Coaching + Real Talk
  • ​Come behind the scenes with me in our private 1:1 coaching sessions
  • ​Ask questions, build knowledge, so that you know that you're on the right path to more energy and feeling vitalicious
  • ​Get live support from me in calls, unlimited email support + Voxer support
  • ​Chat and get even more support in our private Facebook group.
It Just Works! See what my community has to say... 
Susan A.
    " I thought I would be the last person to ever prepare home cooked and super delicious meals for my 3 growing teenagers and myself...But I am proud to announce that I really do now!!!
Alex W
    " I really liked that while I was learning fundamental skills through some recipes, I still got to customize what I was making and choose what flavours were going into a dish. I walked away knowing that I can actually make decisions about what goes into my cooking instead of blindly copying a recipe"
You Do NOT Have to Do This Without A Plan!
Seriously... don't do it. 

In just days from now, you could be on your way to creating your own vitalicious life...

...without trialling and testing, because I have already done the hard work for you!

Why take all the time trying to figure out how to feel better, when you can follow my step-by-step training and do it right the first time? 

This plan is proven and is simple to follow... just need to use my training to guide + our live coaching calls to point you in the right direction.

The Vitalicious 1:1 Coaching Project is $2,297 CDN.
Yep, just $2,297 CDN. 

You can finally know how to create a life full of joy and energy, without stress and our method will help you keep things fresh without becoming overwhelmed and frustrated!

You'll save countless money, time and stress at the end of day  by finally knowing the simple steps for building energy + boosting memory + ditching brain fog

The choice is yours.

If you want to get started, click the 'Add To Cart' button below to finally have The Vitalicious Project on your side...

...So you can finally stop wasting time, and finally know how you can make an energy filled life.

... then click the 'Add To Cart' button right now! 

Get  Access To 
The Vitalicious Project
Doors Open Now!
Your Questions Answered...
How do we get started?

After signing for the Vitalicious Project, we'll book our first call and start planning your clear path.  

A path that is going to do two things.  It's going to create momentum in your health and life AND it's going to start anwering all the little questions you've had.  Your body has been whispering to you all this time and now we get to stop and listen and transform how you feel, look and sleep.

How long will it take to get access?

You'll receive access immediately! 

The Vitalicious Project link will be sent directly to your email inbox and it's yours to start right away! 
What kind of support do we get?

If you're thinking "I can't do this on my own!" Then find out below how I'll be keeping you accountable AND help guide you all along!

1. The on-line program is set-up so that you can quickly get started and is super easy to follow with a new module opened up each week.  So no overwhelm!

2. Every two weeks, you'll have access to ME in our private coaching video calls. The time will be pre-scheduled to suit your scheduyle and you can watch and ask questions in the comfort of your own home. you can even sit in your pjs ;-)

3.  If you get stuck you can email me directly at and I'll answer any of your questions within 24 hours on Monday-Friday.  

4. I also give all my 1;1 clients access to me via the Voxer app.  It's a quick way to send a voice message directly to me if you get stuck, want to share a breakthrough or have a question.

I also believe that once you receive The Vitalicious Project and see how much of a massive impact it can have on your life, you will be loving the content so much that you'll gain massive momentum on your own. 


There's no fine print, no hidden costs and no catch. Just the information you need and the results you want.

Get Access To 'The Vitalicious Project'  + 
8 weeks of One-One Coaching Now
Doors are Open!
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